15 Dog Posts From This Week That Everyone Should See (Trust Me)

    Aaah, yes — the goob stuff!

    1. This week, this golden gurl's ears did THE CYOOT THING!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💖😭💖

    This is Hazel. She sneezed and her ears went inside out. 12/10 requesting immediate assistance

    2. This lil' bean was tired of being surrounded by complete and utter FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Oden's nose here showed the weathering effect of plentiful boops:



    A lil something to make your day ❤️ #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #lovedogs

    ♬ New Soul - Yael Naïm

    5. Kevin here put on a HIGH 👏 QUALITY 👏 LOW 👏 BUDGET 👏 one-dog production of Hamilton!!!!!!!!!

    Hi @Lin_Manuel this is my low budget version of #Hamilton @HamiltonMusical #dogsofinstagram

    6. The bond between this floof and this grandpa proved to be *THE* best bond!!!!!!!!

    7. This sweet corgo enjoyed gettin' a lil' trim:

    8. Rodney here lived all of our *~IRL screensaver dreams~*!!!!!!!!

    This is Rodney. He’s just a good boy enjoying his Sunday swim in paradise. 14/10

    9. This lil' dogini offered a perfect visual:

    10. This sweetie was ~G E M T L E ~!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Finn here faced the wrath of a bee, but I'm happy to report that he is recovering nicely 😌:

    This is Finn. He tried to kiss a bee today. Knew it was a little early in the relationship but took a chance anyway. 12/10 gonna take a while to rebuild his confidence

    12. This literal CLOUD just gave us Quality Content™ all around:

    14. Ozzy here proved he is, in fact, a Piano Pawdigy™:

    This is Ozzy. He’s a piano pawdigy. Can play whatever you want but really excels with the works of Woofgang Mozarf and Frédéric Chompin. 14/10

    15. And lastly, it wouldn't be summer if we didn't include a video of a pup doing THIS, so: