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    15 Dog Posts From This Week To Breathe New Life Into Your Hollow Lungs

    Angels, all of 'em!!!!!!!!!

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. This week, Shiloh here reported for duty!!!!!!!!!!

    My hospital hired an employee whose only job is to go around saying hi to other employees while they work

    2. This lil' bean took this doggy bed for a ~test run~:

    sometimes you gotta take em for a test run before you buy em ❤️❤️❤️

    3. This puggo visited their new family member!!!!!!!! 😭💖

    I can’t even believe these pics are real and it’s MY family 🤩😭🤍

    4. Nellie here said ✨👁️👁️✨:

    This is Nellie. She couldn’t choose between yellow or pink, so she went with both. 13/10 phenomenal decision

    5. This Dog Noodle™ showed off their best and unworn ~lewks~:


    So many outfits. Maybe 2021? 😩 #italiangreyhound #fallfashion #fyp #dogclothes

    ♬ original sound - Lorena Pages

    6. This cognitive psych course posed the question, "Do dogs know that other dogs are dogs?" and the subjects were VERY CYOOT AND GOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First, let's meet our subjects in Figure 1 of this article. LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY ALL ARE! THEY ARE ALL SUCH GOOD BOYS AND GIRLS AND CUSCO IS ABSOLUTELY SERVING!!

    7. This pup agreed that this was fine:

    This dog I saw on an adoption site has major “this is fine” energy

    8. Jojo here got to re-celebrate Halloween thanks to her better-late-than-never Squidward costume!!!!!!!

    This is JoJo. Her Halloween costume got lost in the mail. Didn’t arrive until today. Hopes you don’t mind celebrating again. 13/10

    9. This rare ✨fuzzy Pit Bull✨ proved itself to be real and not just some fantastical creature!!!!!!!


    #CancelTheNoise #HolidayCrafts #UpTheBeat #fyp #cleartheshelters #happyholidays #fuzzy #pitbull #giftofgame #christmas #holidays

    ♬ this is what it look like - lemonhed

    10. Live-action Clifford was recognized as the weapon of war that he truly is!!!!!!!!

    Sadly, if Clifford the Big Red Dog was real, he would be used as a weapon of war.

    11. They were LOOOOOOOOOOOONGEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

    Looooooong Dog! from WhatsWrongWithYourDog

    12. This sweet Boxer helped their blind sibling go down the stairs, thus earning the title, ✨Very Goob✨:


    My boxer helping my blind dog Don’t mind my steps lol #mrdexter #fyp #foryou #dog #boxer #SelfImprovement #REMDreamCheck #selenanetflix

    ♬ Just the Two of Us - Grover Washington, Jr.

    13. Heidi here grew up to be...

    This is Heidi. She’s certain the hole in the fence is getting smaller. There is no other explanation. 13/10 would still boop

    14. ...THIS BIG LADY!!!!!!!!!!!

    PUPDATE: her head no longer fits through the hole

    15. And lastly, it happened. It FINALLY happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally caught it from Eyebleach