16 Dog Posts From This Week That Everyone — And I Mean Literally Everyone — Should See

    JUST LOOK AT 'EM!!!!!!

    1. This week, this pup adorably utilized a doggy photo booth!!!!!!!

    I built my dog a selfie booth so she can take photos of herself by pushing a pedal with her paw

    2. This lil' pugalini got OH SO COZY in their new home!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍

    3. These two held hands 💖:

    my mam meets this farmer on her walk who holds his dog's paw when cars/other dogs pass by I'm -

    4. We were collectively reminded of this *most perfect* feeling:

    When you get home and you and your dog see each other:

    5. Spencer here gave us a helpful reminder!!!!!!!

    This is Spencer. He’s making sure you don’t forget your mask. 14/10 not sure what he’d do if anything happened to you

    6. This bean provided us with some tingle-inducing cucumber ASMR!!!!!!!!

    7. This husker did a WARP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. This overgrown cotton ball basked in their utter gorgeocity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Jaegar here took the sweetest of naps!!!!!!

    This is Jaeger. He tried to get up the step. He really did. Does not want your help. Just gonna take a nap and figure it out later. 12/10

    10. This teeny tiny corgoli enjoyed a nice change of scenery!!!!!!!!

    11. Shug and Bruce the bulldogs shared their origin story!!!!!!!! 😭💖

    12. This Schnauzita GOT 👏 GLAM!!!!!!!! 👏

    13. Ralphie here showed off his lavish, luxurious EARS!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Ralphie. His ears are already pretty big, but he can make them bigger if you want. 12/10 very cool Ralphie

    14. Just...just wait for it:

    15. Whisky posed RUTHLESSLY!!!!!!!!

    16. And lastly, I'll leave you with this lovely lil' story 💖: