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22 Charts To Help You Visualize Just How Different Things Are Around The World

Gotta love some cool cultural differences!!!

1. So, apparently tally marks are different all over the world...???

2. Here are all the beautiful ways people of the world dress for weddings (traditionally, of course)!!!!!!

3. This comprehensive guide to the great wide world of hot dogs!!!

4. Here are some different parenting practices from all over 😌:

5. These are all the different types of electrical plugs this world has to offer:

6. And some of the world's weirdest foods!!!!!!!!

7. These are the things that matter most in all the different countries, apparently!!!

8. Behold, all the coffees of the world!!!!!!!!!!

9. Some worldly happiness practices, if you're looking to add some! 💖

10. Here's some insight into the different cultures (lol) surrounding 'gurt:

11. And, of course, we'd be remiss to not mention the most popular sandwiches from around the world!!!

12. This chart does a great job of showing where in the world each language is spoken:

13. This cute lil' guide to ✨royalty✨ around the world:

14. Here are all of the world's pupperinis and their native lands!!!!!!!!!!!!

15. Breakfast foods, obvi!_ _😌

16. And here we've got your cryptids of the world:

17. This chart on all the various ice creams of Earth:

18. Here's how people respond to sneezing in different parts of the world!!!

19. These are all of the world's most venomous snakes:

20. This gorgeous map of the world's wild animals!!!

21. Here are the various ceremonial vehicles of the world's political leaders:

22. And lastly, here are the world's many and marvelous ✨sPiKeY bOiS✨!!!!!!!!!!!

H/T r/coolguides