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    This One Goes Out To Everyone Living With A Deviated Septum

    "I want to Neti Pot my entire body."

    1. Saying, "I have a deviated septum," has become a fundamental part of your identity.

    The CW

    2. You're *ALWAYS* blowing your nose.


    3. Like, ALWAYS.


    4. You never leave home without your tissues on you.


    5. And your bags, coat pockets, sweatshirt pockets, etc. are always filled with old used tissues.


    6. You have bags under your eyes no matter if you slept for two hours or 20 hours.

    Jaclyn Forbes

    7. And you have a long, long, loooooong list of allergies.


    8. Your bag has amassed a large collection of Zyrtec, Claritin, Mucinex, and Afrin. (So basically, you've tried every sinus and allergy medicine available.)


    9. You're OBSESSED with nasal rinses!!!!!!!!!

    10. Spring is your worst nightmare because you get EVEN 👏 MORE 👏 ALLERGIES. 👏

    why does james charles trying to cry look like me around pollen

    11. You have your ENT on speed dial.

    Comedy Central

    Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor...DUH!!!

    12. You snore — and I mean, like...........SNORE.

    Republic Records

    13. But you love those strips that spread your nostrils open for Ample Breathing™!!!!!!

    14. You've hacked up some gnaaaaarly phlegm.


    15. And picked some county fair prize-winning boogies.

    u/Lincolnslikeanerd / Via

    16. Basically, this is you 24/7, and that's just how it be!!!!!!!


    17. *blows nose sadly*


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