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What's The Funniest Thing You Pretended To Be Interested In To Win Over A Crush?

"OMG I totally LOVE discussing Darwinism!!!"

Let's face it — we've all probably lied a liiiiittle about being interested in something to get our crushes to notice us.

Now I'm not talking about a BIG lie, but rather a little white saying you like the literary works of Jane Austen when you really just binge-watch exclusive clips on TMZ.

Or maybe you pretended to be interested in modern art, only to be dragged on a never-ending date to some museum full of underwhelming, supposedly-thought-provoking canvases.

Or perhaps you told them that you loved cats, when in actuality, you're deathly allergic. Aaaand you broke out in hives when you went over and their cat was there.

So tell us what you've lied to a crush about in the DropBox below for the chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!!!!!!