This Dad Saved His Dog's Toy From Outside And It's Honestly The Most Heroic Thing I've Seen In Years

    "He's not a 'thing!' I saved HIS life!"

    The other day, Twitter user @oohhhkayyy — otherwise known as Michaella — uploaded some screenshots of her family group chat that featured a pretty remarkable act of heroism, if you ask me.

    my dogs stuffed animal was left outside and my dad made sure so save him..

    Twitter: @oohhhkayyy

    It all started when Michaella's dad discovered one of their dog Lucky's beloved toys out in the rain — cold, suffering, alone.

    While Michaella didn't seem particularly concerned about the wellbeing of Lucky's baby, her father immediately recognized the urgency of the situation.

    Leaping into action, Michaella's dad monitored the stuffed animal's vitals and informed Michaella and his wife that he had swiftly begun performing CPR.

    Ever so committed to this bit, he even built Lucky's baby an IV — out of a Ziploc baggy, I wanna say...?

    I mean, this is the content WE 👏 CRAVE. 👏

    Like, this dad truly went above and beyond for Lucky and his baby.

    People can't get over how sweet and adorable the group text is:

    Some are even sharing their own experiences with hospitalizing their pets' babies:

    So basically, Michaella's dad — THIS MAN RIGHT HERE — is a trendsetter, upstanding citizen, and, dare I say, HERO.

    And for now, I leave you with this: