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Cruise Ship Workers, Tell Us The Most Shocking Secrets And Stories From Your Job

What REALLY happens below deck?

Do you work, or have you ever worked, on a cruise ship?

A cruise ship in the water

If so, we wanna hear your WILDEST secrets and stories from the job!

People standing on the deck of a ship

Maybe you were a performer on the ship and were forced to sleep in the world's TINIEST bunks — so tiny that others would hardly believe it.

A small bunk area on a ship

Or perhaps you were a chef, and you can confirm or deny that the majority of the buffet food is either frozen or leftovers.

A buffet display on a ship

ORRRR maybe you have an incredible travel story from a day off when you got to port!

A mountainous coastal scene and inlet

ORRRR maybe you saw one drunk passenger fall overboard and you had to spring into action to save them, and it was one of the most dramatic nights of your life.

Churning sea seen from a ship, with a lifeboat above the water

So if you've ever worked on a cruise ship, tell us your ✨secrets and stories✨ in the comments below or in this anonymous form. The most shocking stories may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!