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    17 Cat Posts From This Week That I Highly, Hiiiiighly Recommend

    Boop. Them. Beans.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. This week, this ~heavenly bean~ looked down upon his creation!!!!!!!!

    Took a pic of the cat lookin out the window and accidentally turned him into some sort of god.

    2. This chönker cried over spilled food:

    Just accidentally spilled my cat’s food all over the floor and his reaction was.... a lot 😂

    3. These two made a nice lil' Avril Lavigne reference:

    4. This kitten enjoyed this guy's lap!!!!!!!

    A stray kitten just came up and took a nap on my lap. Best moment in this whole miserable year. from aww

    5. Travis Scott was seemingly reincarnated as this cat:


    Travy stargazing on a Monday morning😎🐈🔥🥶#travycatty #fyp #mitts #travisscott #kitty #music #itslit

    ♬ original sound - Chase

    6. These guys held a meeting — about what, you ask? We may never know...:

    7. She was LOOOOOOOOONG:

    8. I don't know exactly what's happening here, but it happened:

    This video has everything! A cat AND an Italian woman screaming!

    9. This floof played a debatable variation of footsie:

    10. This kitters had the boots with the fur, sans Apple Bottom jeans 😌:

    Vet had to shave my little man's legs and ended up giving him BOOTS WITH THE FURRR from aww

    11. These two bébés clinged to their leader!!!!!!!!!


    My orphaned babies don’t know they aren’t still tiny kittens. #cats #catsoftiktok #aggressivecuddles #catmom

    ♬ Happy Together - Weezer

    12. This one said 👁️ 👁️:

    One of the kittens I’m currently bottle feeding has the Puss in Boots face down pat from aww

    13. This sweetums was *quite literally* two-faced!!!!!!!

    She was exited about meeting my family. from cats

    14. This shelter cat met a LORG CAT!!!!!!!!!

    Shelter pets visiting the zoo from aww

    15. This Sphinx enjoyed the soothing powers of The Drag™!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thank u for always dragging my cat @footdaddy @milliepoints @villanova08 @anthonyfemianoo #claude #drag #carpet #sphynx #hairless #hairlesscat #cat

    ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod

    16. Nugget here simply existed, causing the rest of us to simultaneously combust!!!!!!

    Reddit, Meet Nugget! from aww



    Brody is obsessed with cats. He’s a self proclaimed cat trainer #kittens #rescue

    ♬ original sound - Romelia Gutierrez-Be