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    16 Cakes That Are So Atrocious, They Should Be Taken To Court — No Offense

    They look horrifying, but how do they taste though?

    1. This SpongeBob-adjacent character:

    Twitter: @princessjahadd

    2. This "carrot" cake *wink wink*:

    So... Safeway has carrot cake. from WTF

    3. This cake that said all that needed to be said 💖:

    The ice cream cake I ordered for Valentine’s Day said “I Love You” but some of the letters fell off during transit. from funny

    4. This cake that says "bridal," but also "I have unresolved childhood trauma":

    I don't even have words for this wedding cake from ATBGE

    5. This 5-year-old 1D artifact 😌:

    no no no no no not my mom literally keeping this cake in the freezer for 5 years

    Twitter: @kirapractor

    6. This use of frosting to make Joe Exotic's facial hair should be criminalized:

    Publix cake decorators should get $50/hr

    Twitter: @redrawnoxen


    So I went to a baby shower last night, here's the celebratory cake. [x-post r/pics] from WTF

    8. There are no words:

    We ordered the cake on the left and received the cake on the right...Elmo has seen better days from funny

    9. This slightly NSFW take on a Shrek-themed birthday cake:

    Not exactly how I envisioned my Shrek themed birthday cake... from funny

    10. This interpretation of a "happy monkey" that took a lot of creative liberties!

    Went to Wal-Mart to have a cake made for a 1 year old. Told them to put a happy monkey on it. O_o from WTF

    11. Yup:

    Shitty cake from ATBGE

    12. It's between the texture of the scales and the various innards for me:

    A friend made this cake for someones birthday. from WTF

    13. Poop types, of course!

    Bristol Stool Chart cake made by my stepmum. from ATBGE

    14. This hideous monstrosity known as the "piecaken":

    The turducken of cake. from WTF

    15. This unparalleled level of rancidity:

    Is this for Hairy Potter? from ATBGE

    16. And lastly, Butthole Cake™:

    I accidentally made a butthole cake. from funny