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    Updated on Oct 2, 2018. Posted on Sep 30, 2018

    Here Are The Very Best Doggo Posts From This WHOLE MONTH!!!


    Ben Haist / BuzzFeed

    1. This month, we met Tofu: part grass pupper, part pupper-pupper!!!

    2. This Schnauzer bb sent his very sweet condolences:

    We had to rehome my Grandad’s dog early last year when he was diagnosed with Alzheimers. Sadly he passed away a couple of weeks ago, this came in the post today 😅

    3. The internet effectively COMBUSTED when this lab asked for ear drops!!!!!!!

    my dog has ear medicine she needs and the other one also thinks he needs it too.. nobody has the heart to tell him it’s pretend..

    4. This pittie downed his daily dose of Handsome Pills™!!!!!!!

    My dog Philby has to take allergy meds everyday but he doesn’t need to know that.

    5. This golden boye did a pose...

    Facebook: video.php

    6. ...and gave Instagram the CONTENT 👏 IT 👏 DESERVES!!! 👏

    7. This terrible, aggressive pit bull did an ATTACC!!!!!!!!

    100% real vicious pit bull attack

    8. Choco here got *~glam 4 the cam~*!!!!!!! 💁💅✨

    This is Choco. Her first grooming experience went really well. She picked out the little bow herself. 12/10 really hopes you like it

    9. We discovered a lil' snaggletoothed Furby-esque gremlin!!!!!!!!

    u/TrulyTired / Via

    10. This young disciple studied The Art of The Wag:

    This is Indy. While the other pups were playing, he studied the wag. 14/10 destined for h*ckin greatness

    11. We observed the one-year anniversary of this pupper scamming the H*CK out of his owner:

    Today marks a year since I paid nearly £200 to be told my dog was faking struggling to breathe in order to be carried.

    12. This sassy doggo did a STRUT!!!!!!


    14. This sweet golden bb had a peaceful wakeup from the loveliest of snoozles:

    This is Ruby. She’s even a good girl in her dreams. Was finally rewarded for it. 14/10 the best way to wake pup

    15. We were introduced to Raisin, a precious pittie who has alopecia!!!!!!

    This pit bull has alopecia, and her name is raisin. She’s so precious.

    16. Both plants and puppers were tended to!!!!!!

    17. This smol pupper found himself in a stairs-related predicament:

    This is Moose. He’s had a very long day. Tried to go down some stairs but got stuck. 13/10 someone please help Moose

    18. This pupperino demanded equal tosses!!!!!!!

    my dog summer wanted to get tossed in the air too hahaha

    19. Justice the service doggo snugged her students!!!!!

    This is Justice. She was supposed to be a leader dog for the blind, but never mastered stairs. Now she works in MSU’s Sexual Assault Program, offering support and providing a smile where few are found. I’m told she likes peanut butter and carrots, and she’s our sixth ever 15/10

    20. Golden gurl touched up those acrylics!!!!!! 💅

    Facebook: video.php

    21. We all mutually agreed to LET 👏 THE 👏 SMOL 👏 ONE 👏 CLIMB 👏 IN 👏 THE 👏 DISHWASHER. 👏

    This is Graham. He doesn’t understand why he’s not allowed to climb in the dishwasher. 13/10 just wanted to help

    22. This sweet pittie mama snugged with her hooman's shoe until he came home!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

    23. This dad officially became a Dog Dad™:

    Twitter: @Mireyadaa

    Translated, this means:

    My dad: I don't want dogs in this house

    Also my dad:


    If you ain’t as excited to see me as my dog then fuck out my face

    25. And lastly, this sweater-clad pittie angel reminded us how loved we are. 💖

    the doggo of infinite affection is just dropping in to your timeline to let you know you are loved

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