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19 Before And After Adoption Pictures That Show Just How Much These Pets Glowed Up In 2020

We 👏 love 👏 to 👏 see 👏 it!!!!!!!! 👏

1. This foster's rapid recovery!!!!!!!

My foster dog’s 2 month glow up from BeforeNAfterAdoption

2. I'm sorry, but River here glowed up into the, like...hottest cat I've ever seen:

This is River. At the shelter, he was shaved as his fur was extremely matted and riddled with flees. He had coccidia and conjunctivitis. After some medicine and tlc, he’s doing amazing! He’s the most loving and affectionate kitty ever, always snuggling up and kissing me! I’ve had him for 4 months from BeforeNAfterAdoption

3. Dry spots WHO?!?!?!?!?!?!

First day, and then 6 months later. Her dry spots are gone, the calluses on her elbows and knees have disappeared, and she GLOWS. ❤️ from BeforeNAfterAdoption

4. Harvey here went from runt to REGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harvey was born the runt of a 12 puppy litter. The first picture is his first day with us at 3.5 pounds and lots of health issues. He’s now 32 pounds and getting quite handsome! from BeforeNAfterAdoption

5. This sweetums Bulked Up™!!!!!!!!

The guy from a bus stop who ate all of our food from BeforeNAfterAdoption

6. Jester here may have lost her leg, but she found her forever home!!! 😭💖

We fostered Jester after her leg amputation at 6 weeks old. She was found with her leg and shoulder shattered and was terrified of everything. Now her incision has healed, she’s staying forever, and she’s the happiest little tripawd. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

7. This snootcher glowed up into his best self, named Cooper!!!!!!!

Top: ‘Lobito’ at the animal shelter in Feb. Bottom: ‘Cooper’ on a hike today with me and da’ wife. from rarepuppers

8. Hilda here went from having a close crop to a long, luxurious mane of CLOUDS!!!!!!!!!!!

When we got Hilda she was very underweight after having recently given birth; somewhere in the last 6 months she turned into a long haired beauty queen! from BeforeNAfterAdoption

9. Apollo showed us the difference kisses (and some other necessities) can make!!!!!!!

My Apollo when I found him vs. giving him lots of love, food and kisses. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

10. This elegant queen not only had a glow-up, but a Floof-Up™:

UPDATE: I posted the two left pictures several months ago & many people commented on how much floof my kitty acquired in 4 months. I’ve had her for over a year now & she is fluffier than ever! from BeforeNAfterAdoption

11. Tulip here ~blossomed~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The shelter sends us the dogs nobody else can handle to foster. We took in our foster Tulip a month ago, who was Code Red for being terrified of people and biting. She was also terrified of the leash, so it had to stay on. We officially adopted her on Tuesday and celebrated by learning how to swim! from BeforeNAfterAdoption

12. Things really started looking up for Miss Ellie 💖:

My cuz doesn’t have Reddit so posting on her behalf. She found this pup almost frozen to death on the side of the road in Long Island NY back in January and has nursed her back to the cutest health ever since. This is Ellie 🐾💚 from BeforeNAfterAdoption

13. JUST 👏 TWO 👏 MONTHS 👏 OF 👏 LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

Two months of love changed Mr. Biscuits from BeforeNAfterAdoption

14. This foster pupperino ✨found his light✨ both literally and figuratively:

My foster dog the day he was rescued from animal hoarders, and today. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

15. Eve here grew into a strong, gorgeous, and healthy angel girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before and after in three months. When I found her, I spent almost three days in a row without sleeping. She was very ill. Now she is OK. And her name is Eve. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

16. WE 👏 LOVE 👏 TO 👏 SEE 👏 IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

Few months can make a difference. She was caged almost the whole time before rescued from BeforeNAfterAdoption

17. This kitters got ~beefy~!!!!!!!!!

Our kitty was already an adult in the photo on the left. A 6 month glow up from BeforeNAfterAdoption

18. 😍😍😍:

Hazel was a stray who was rescued after being caught in a steel trap for an estimated 5 days. She lost her leg but found her home with me! This is 8 weeks after coming home. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

19. And lastly, Moo here finally got all the love he's been deserving!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖

Moo was found on the street with a heart murmur, barely any teeth, and FIV! He’s now living out his twilight years as a lap cat. from BeforeNAfterAdoption

Has your pet had a glow-up since you adopted them? If so, we wanna see!!! Leave pictures in the comments! 💖💖💖

H/T r/BeforeNAfterAdoption

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