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    14 Reasons Becca Kufrin Is A Saint And The Rest Of Us Are Garbage People

    She DID the damn thing.

    So, I'm sure you're all well aware of this ~FLAWLESS~ human. Say it with me now: BECCA KUFRIN.

    Well, as if you didn't already know, Becca Kufrin is perfect and we're all garbage people. In case you need concrete evidence of this, I've compiled a list of reasons why Becca is the deity I pray to before bed, and why you probably should too:

    1. She sent a handwritten thank you note to one of the show's producers after meeting with him about being the bachelorette!

    For all those who couldn’t love @thebkoof more this is the HAND WRITTEN Thank You note she sent me after we met to discuss her being #TheBachelorette

    2. All that wine money we Venmo'ed her? Yeah, she donated it to cancer research.

    3. She can cook whilst holding a corgi in a sweater. Impressed?

    4. She somehow managed not to go all Beyoncé "Hold Up" music video on our fellow garbage human Arie after he broke off their engagement. And in front of a camera crew and eventually 9.2 million viewers, I might add.

    5. And then when she had to face him again on After the Final Rose, she was cordial.

    6. She even FORGAVE his shady ass!!!

    7. And wished him THE BEST.

    8. She's adored by all the other girls on Arie's season despite them all competing for the same guy. (You would've been petty as hell, don't lie!!!)

    9. When her ex showed up in Peru to win her back, Kween Becca TOOK 👏 NO 👏 SHIT 👏 and knew her self-worth:

    I stand by my decision to not accept an unhealthy relationship back in my life. I will never doubt or question that. #selflovemotherssssss

    10. She protested at the Minnesota Women's March like the #NastyWoman she is!!!

    11. She tweeted this and gave us the shade we so desperately craved.

    12. She looked GLORIOUS even without makeup and after a sandy roll in a Peruvian love yurt.

    Becca's post-sex look is GOALS as hell #TheBachelor

    13. And now, literally EVERYONE is rooting for her to find love.

    Heartache is always a pit stop on #thebachelor journey but once you become #thebachelorette, you are in the driver’s seat and you can control your own happy ending. Go get it girl!!! Congrats @thebkoof

    Becca gonna find herself a real man (I hope...ABC please cast properly!) #thebachelorette

    You think?? I feel like @thebkoof has a few other dates to go one soon. Keep your heart high @thebkoof, keep the faith and enjoy the ride. #thebachelorette

    From one Midwesterner to another, congrats to an amazing, strong, beautiful woman, Becca Kufrin! You will make for an incredible @BacheloretteABC #gogetyourmans😊

    Congrats on being The Bachelorette, Becca! You will continue the class act and make the rest of us feel like angry psycho crazies. Oh just me? I’ll take it. ☺️

    14. Basically, Becca is a smart, strong, gorgina woman who goes high when the rest of us probably go a lot lower than we're willing to admit, and she 1,000% DESERVES the title of bachelorette.

    GO BECCA!!! *throws flowers at her perfectly pedicured feet*