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    15 Reasons Australian Shepherds Are Lil' Angel Babies

    *pulls hair out and screams, but like, in a good way*

    1. They like to go on WHOLESOME ADVENTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Their coats are SO GORGEOUS and UNIQUE and I WANT TO TOUCH!!!

    3. They are TALENTED.

    4. They are lil' spotted mushies you can shove your face into.

    5. They DANCE!!!!!!!!

    6. They are SMORT!!!!!!

    7. They play peek-a-boo better than smelly infant children!!!

    8. They're literally hotter than me, rude.

    9. They look T H I C C but they really just F L O O F !!!!!!!

    11. They are cuddle mamas who wanna get the loveys!!!

    12. They mlem!!!!!!

    13. They are sk8r boyes who say "C u l8r boyes!!!"

    14. They love a good HUGGO!

    15. And lastly, they WINK.

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