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Professional Astrologers, Psychics, And Other Spiritual Workers, What Are Your Secrets And Stories From Your Job?

We wanna know what ✨you know✨.

Do you work as an astrologer, psychic, medium, or any other kind of spiritual advisor or healer? If so, we wanna hear your ✨secrets and stories✨ from your job.

Maybe you're an astrologer and you can tell if and when a client and their partner are going to break up just by looking at their synastry chart.

a person looking at an astrology chart

Or perhaps you're a medium (someone who can communicate with the dead) and have some absolutely WIIIIIILD stories of clients' deceased family members and friends — or enemies??? — coming through.

Or maybe you're a psychic and have stories from clients about how shockingly accurate your readings have been!!!

OOOOOOR maybe you're a professional tarot card reader and have advice for people who are going into their first readings.

So if any of these jobs — or any other spiritual and/or occult jobs that we didn't mention — pertain to you, please share any secrets and stories you may have in the comments below or in this anonymous Google Form. The wildest and most interesting entries may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!