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What Advice Do You Have For Students Dealing With Freshman Year Anxiety?

What helped you ease your mind when you first went away to school?

For a lot of people, starting college is an exciting time of independence, fun, and self-discovery.

But sometimes, it can also involve crippling anxiety. For some, it's triggered by homesickness or loneliness. Other times, it's just general anxiety.

So, what tips do you have for new college freshmen dealing with anxiety?

Maybe when you first started school, going for runs really helped you get out of your head.

Or perhaps joining a club gave you a sense of community and helped you make friends who shared your interests.

Or maybe you found a YouTube channel of meditations that helped calm you down when you felt uneasy.

So what advice would you give college freshmen living with anxiety? Please leave your tips, tricks, and other helpful anecdotes in the comments below!