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    Albie From "The White Lotus" Was A Part Of That Debby Ryan Meme, Thus Forming A New Multiverse

    How about that!

    If you watched The White Lotus, chances are high that you had a little crushy-wushy on our Savior Complex King™ Albie Di Grasso, played by Adam DiMarco.

    Adam giving the thumbs-up

    Yeah, this one.

    Adam grimacing

    Chances are also high that you've seen this Debby Ryan meme splattered across the internet.

    Debby looking up furtively

    What if I told you that these two existed in the same multiverse?

    Well, I recently saw THIS CLIP on Twitter that was posted by user @jamiepece. To say I was aghast? Understatement.

    i’m screaming i didn’t know “albie” from white lotus is the guy that debby ryan looks at with this meme 💀💀💀

    Disney Channel / Via Twitter: @jamiepece

    Apparently, Adam played Debby's love interest, Gavin, in Radio Rebel???

    Adam as Gavin

    Yup. There he is!

    He's dancing with a young woman

    So yeah, this was news to me!

    He's at a microphone singing and playing guitar

    Me trying to seduce Albie into making his daddy give me 50,000 euros:


    Adam grimacing
    Close-up of Debby

    Bye, now!