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    If You Have Anxiety And Grew Up In The 2000s, These 15 Things Are Probably Why

    *brings Perfection game board to therapy*

    1. The Mad Minute that every math teacher just LOOOOOVED to torment you with:

    u/buckyhelnats / Via

    2. Having to try and ration your cheesy provisions:

    u/justbyhappenstance / Via

    3. This panic attack advertised as a "fun game":

    u/pandashpace / Via

    4. THE CHOKEY FROM MATILDA!!!!!!!!!!

    TriStar Films

    5. Not getting picked during a heart-pounding round of Seven Up:

    6. THIS VIDEO:

    #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow ....This was my first ever heart attack

    7. Not making it into your friend's Top 8 and taking it extremely personally:

    8. Checking Formspring in general:

    9. The original Jump Scare™:

    u/Tarhabibi / Via

    10. And lest we forget, THIS Jump Scare™:

    11. Frantically trying to exit out of the internet on your flip phone:

    12. Literally EVERYTHING about Courage the Cowardly Dog:

    Cartoon Network

    13. Internet Explorer doing this RIGHT before your web search loaded:

    14. Worrying that your Tamagotchi would starve and die if you didn't feed it before your class ended:


    15. And lastly, forgetting your password to this bad boy and having to pry it open with a fork:

    u/KatsudonWarrior / Via

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