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Tyga Gets Served At Sneaker Release

You just got served!

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Most of you know Tyga as the father of Blac Chyna's child and the guy dating Kylie Jenner. Others may know him as a rapper.

Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

But, now he'll also be known as the guy who got served at his sneaker release party.

TMZ / BuzzFeed

The server walks up to get his sneakers signed, real chill. So, casual and unsuspecting.

TMZ / BuzzFeed

He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a piece of paper. Cool, maybe he has a picture or a poem for Tyga.

TMZ / BuzzFeed

Tyga is all, OK dude, cool.

TMZ / BuzzFeed

Then he's all, Oh fuck. But, the server remains chill as hell and just poses for a picture.

BuzzFeed / TMZ

Tyga, you just got served!

But Tyga recovers quickly and gets back to business. Such a good sport.

TMZ / BuzzFeed

Seriously though, props to the server for standing in line for two hours and actually buying the shoes just to serve Tyga. That's true dedication.

TMZ / BuzzFeed

Watch the whole thing go down and find out why Tyga got served.