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Nicole & Sofia Richie Are The Most Stylish Sisters In Hollywood

And here's the proof.

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Nicole & Sofia Richie are quite possibly the coolest sisters in Hollywood.

And the best dressed.

Here's Sofia in NYC pretending not to be cold and looking cute doing it.

She's been popping up all over NYFW in killer outfits.

Jamie McCarthy

Not familiar with Sofia?


Well, you'll probably recognize her older sister, Nicole.

Getty Images Frazer Harrison

She's come a long way since her days on The Simple Life.

Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown

Could you imagine Nicole wearing a ruffled denim miniskirt and cami today?

Seriously, imagine the woman who wore this to Gwen Stefani's baby shower wearing a denim miniskirt.


Even in a basic all-white outfit she leaves us drooling.


And maybe Sofia, a model, takes a few pointers from her big sis...

But it's clear she's got a style that's all her own.

Getty Images for Nylon Jonathan Leibson

Sofia's a little less glam and a little more edge.

Getty Images Cindy Ord

She's just a little darker.

And a bit more fun.


But Nicole can bring it too.

And she probably gets some tips from Sofia.

Like, how to be casual but really cool.

And how to wear ripped jeans and a sweatshirt without looking like a slob.

And then comes up with her own causal look.

Getty Images for Lucky Michael Kovac

Really, these ladies look good ALL THE TIME.

Getty Images for AOL Brad Barket

So, whether hanging out by the pool...

Or giving off hippy vibes...

Getty Images for Teen Vogue Rachel Murray

Or squinting into the sun...

The Richie sisters are always perfect.

Getty Images Jason Merritt
Getty Images for Three Lions Entertainment Dimitrios Kambouris

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