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Ed Skrein Talks Dinner With Tupac And The Best Advice He's Ever Received

The star of The Transporter: Refueled also has the craziest dreams.

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It looks like 2015 is shaping up to be a good year for Ed Skrein. This year the actor will appear as Ajax in Deadpool and Frank Martin in The Transporter reboot, The Transporter: Refueled, two roles that are sure to push his career to the next level. While in NYC the London-based actor stopped by for a quick round of rapid fire questions and dished on his fondest memory on set, doing some of his own stunts, and the song that gets him pumped.

Ok, so first question: favorite color?

ES: Blue.

Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian?


ES: Beyoncé.

Where did the name Dinner Lady P.I.M.P come from?

ES: When I was in school I used to love food so much that I would always flirt with the dinner lady so that I could get extra food. Actually, in the press a lot of the time they say that it was my artist name but it wasn't, it was just something I messed around with.

Did you do your own stunts for The Transporter: Refueled?

ES: I did all of the fun stuff and all of the dangerous stuff I left to my double.

If you had to eat one thing for every meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

ES: Steak.

Morning person or night owl?


ES: Morning person.

Favorite city: LA, NY, or London?

ES: London, it's home.

Would you rather swim in a pool full of pudding or jello?

ES: Pudding.

If you could have dinner with anyone in history who would it be?


ES: Tupac.

Last dream you had?

ES: I had a dream where I went into a floatation tank, a sensory deprivation tank in Vancouver, and all I could think of was an action sequence that I'd done in the movie Deadpool. It replayed over and over again in my head, it was messed up.

Of the movies you've worked on, what's you fondest memory on set?

ES: Wearing a full Christian Dior suit, riding a jet ski in the south of France, and chasing a speedboat with a scorpion arm and a half a million dollar pound camera on at full speed.

Which film had the most intense stunts, Deadpool or The Transporter: Refueled?

ES: Intense? I don't know. Deadpool.

Instagram or Twitter?

ES: Instagram.

What was it like playing Ajax?

ES: So fun.

Actor or actress you'd really like to work with?

ES: Mads Mikkelsen

Director you'd like to work with?

ES: Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Cake or pie?

ES: That's no fair. Don't make me do this, don't make me choose.

Favorite holiday?

ES: That I've been on?

Oh, no, sorry. Our meaning of holiday, the American holiday, like Christmas, Thanksgiving...

My bad!

ES: Christmas.

Favorite pizza topping?

ES: Pepperoni.

One thing you haven't done that you'd like to do?

ES: Surfing.

Best advice you've ever received?

ES: Be the hardest worker in the room and stay humble.

Song you listen to to get pumped?

ES: Capone N Noreaga "Bang Bang"

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

ES: To never get sunburn.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your dance moves?

ES: Two.

And, what do you do to relax?

ES: Spend time with my family.

The Transporter: Refueled hits theaters Sept. 4.