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Saaphyri Windsor Gave Us One Of Vh1's Greatest Moments

One of the greatest moments in VH1 history.

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Who could forget Saaphyri Windsor?

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The woman who was kicked off Flavor of Love 2 before she even got a name.

Honestly, she dodged a bullet.

And who told a woman to stop interrupting her prayers before "god direct me to whoop your ass."

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But we really got to know Saaphyri in Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School where we all rooted for her to turn things around.

Vh1 / Hulu

And she really shined in the fourth episode of the show, "Master Debaters," where she gave us one of the greatest debates ever seen.

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Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

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In the episode, the ladies are taught the rules of debate and formed two teams to compete in a challenge.

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Saapyhri's opponent was Schatar aka Hottie.

She began by directing her question at Brooke aka Pumkin.

Vh1 /

Who wasn't her opponent, but whatever.

And then went in for the kill, giving the world one of the most memorable moments ever.

Vh1 /

And, although her team did not win the debate, Saaphyri did go on to become the winner of Charm School.

Vh1 /
Vh1 /

Saaphyri Windsor, the VH1 celeb we will never forget.

Marsaili Mcgrath / Getty Images

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