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29 Questions I Have For Couples Who Share Social Media Accounts


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There's something happening on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even Tumblr that you may not have paid much attention to.

Married people, engaged people, people in whatever kind of relationship are merging accounts to create one super account, MrandMrs So-and-so.


Now, I don't know what the hell this is about. Maybe I don't understand love. Maybe I don't understand what a relationship is all about. But for those of you out there who've merged accounts, HELP ME! HELP ME UNDERSTAND!

I have so many questions, for example...

1. Why?

2. Is it to make sure your SO isn't cheating?

3. Is it really about love?

4. If you split who gets the account?

5. Is this the kind of thing you put in a prenup?

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6. Whose idea was it?

7. Why did you go along with it?

8. What went through your head when your SO asked if you wanted to share accounts?

9. Did you question whether they actually loved you?

10. Did your friends and family try to talk you out of it?

11. Why didn't you listen?


12. Why?

13. Do you both have to approve tweets and status updates?

14. Whose account gets deleted?

15. Do you still maintain separate accounts?

16. Which gender do you pick? Do you just customize?

17. Whose birthday is on the profile?

18. Wut????

19. If you're both in a photo who gets tagged?


20. But....why tho?

21. What if you want Drake as your cover photo and they want Meek Mill?

22. Do you enjoy being THOSE people?

23. Do you have to agree on all Instagram photos before they are posted?

24. What if you don't like the same things, do you have to agree on what pages to like?

25. How do you decide who to follow?

26. Do you both have to approve friend requests?

Cause we've all got that one friend no one but you likes.

27. Why didn't you just create a hashtag or something?

28. WTF?

29. JK!!!!! But seriously...WHY?

Love is a weird, strange, confusing thing, which is why I'm just going to stick with Netflix and wine.

πŸ’–And pizza and chocolate. πŸ’–

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