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This Is How Regular People Do Coachella

Just havin' a good time.

1. This girl who had too much fun.

Robyn Beck / Getty Images

2. These people just taking a break.

Robyn Beck / Getty Images

3. These girls trying to call their parents and assure them that they're totally fine.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

4. This guy taking things from 0 to 100.

Robyn Beck / Getty Images

5. The guy in the corner judging everybody.

Robyn Beck / Getty Images
Robyn Beck / Getty Images

6. The one guy who does not want to put his hands in the air.

Robyn Beck / Getty Images
Robyn Beck / Getty Images

7. Vladimir Putin

Frazer Harrison

8. The girl with flawless brows who's clearly not into it.

Jason Kempin

9. That one guy who may or may not be rolling.

Jason Kempin

10. That one guy who also may be rolling and the other dude who might be crying.

Kevin Winter

11. Whomever Patrick Schwarzenegger stepped over.

Premiere / Premiere/Rocstar/CPR/FAMEFLYNET

12. This girl getting dust/dirt blown into her face and loving it.

Jason Kempin

13. This guy who did not enjoy getting dust/dirt blown into his face.

Jason Kempin

14. These kids just having a good time.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

15. This girl whose only escape was virtual.

John Sciulli / Getty Images

16. Whatever is happening here.

Robyn Beck / Getty Images

17. These ladies going from 10 to 11.

Mark Davis

18. And these kids who just don't give a fuck.

Mark Davis


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