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    17 Reasons Perd Hapley Was The Greatest News Anchor Ever

    Lights, camera, Perd.

    We're still coping with the end of Parks & Recreation and while we'll miss Leslie Knope and all of the parks department, we can't forget the man who provided entertainment and news for Pawnee, Perd Hapley.

    1. He always provided concrete evidence and stats.

    2. He brought us The Perdples Court.

    3. He didn't need a microphone because we heard him loud and clear.

    4. He helped us understand Obamacare.

    5. He told the truth about E.T.

    6. Didn't mince words about The Iron Lady.

    7. And found the lesson in Thelma & Louise.

    8. He covered Twitter politics.

    9. And was an accomplished slam poet.

    10. He was always willing to let his hair down.

    11. He was willing to travel for his job.

    12. His news segments always had catchy names.

    13. He did his best to educate Pawnee.

    14. He was always honest about his feelings.

    15. He hasn't aged a day since 1989.

    16. He was an outstanding investigative journalist.

    17. And he gave his fans the best name.

    From all of your loyal Perdverts, we'll miss you Perd!

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