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How To Not Get Your Body Ready For Bikini Season

Guidelines to follow if you've given up on attempting to achieve the body of a supermodel.

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1. Don't be afraid to eat like a pig...


Story of my life...

2. Remember the golden rule: NEVER SHARE FOOD!


Shoutout to Friends for defining our lives.

3. Avoid Working out at all costs


The gym is the enemy

4. Just give up on doing anything that will make you sweat

5. Don't forget about sleeping and binge watching Netflix

Word, Macklemore.

Word, Macklemore.

6. Just make sure you have your priorities straight

7. Wait, let's not forget about alcohol

The real housewives of TRUTH

The real housewives of TRUTH

8. Make sure every social event you attend revolves around eating

9. Always wear comfortable clothing

10. Be direct with you food

11. Remember it is acceptable to be rude to those who offer you fruit/vegetables

12. Also remember that you're eating for the safety of others...

13. Most importantly, have Domino's on speed dial


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