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    17 Reasons Why Anna Should Be Your Favorite Disney Princess

    If Anna is not your spirit animal, don't even talk to me.

    1. Well, to start, she wakes up like this:

    2. She's funny.

    3. She can rock many different hairstyles.

    4. She's not afraid to make the first move.

    5. She's socially awkward...

    6. And clumsy...

    Which is TOTALLY amazing because it completely refutes the stereotype that princesses have to be all graceful and perfect and that makes Anna freakin' awesome.

    7. Like any normal person, Anna isn't a big fan of exercise....

    8. She believes in true love.

    9. Even though the "true love" she thought she found was the wrong one....she never stopped believing in love.

    10. She's a totally dorky dancer (in a fun, quirky way).

    11. She gets excited about everything!


    13. She finds joy in the little things in life.

    14. She loves her sister.

    15. She's strong.


    17. BONUS: She's friends with a certain fabulous, hilarious, adorable, optimistic snowman who goes by the name of OLAF!!

    Next time somebody asks you who your favorite Disney princess is, the answer is Anna. Anna is the best of them all and she wins at everything.