17 Reasons Why Anna Should Be Your Favorite Disney Princess

If Anna is not your spirit animal, don't even talk to me.

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1. Well, to start, she wakes up like this:

Disney / Via

Cinderella wakes up in the morning with her hair all nicely braided, while she smiles at birds and sings songs about dreams, but admit it — Anna is a legit representation of what you look like when you wake up.

2. She's funny.

Disney / Via

Ignore jerk-face Hans and focus on Anna's natural funniness. I mean, name another Disney princess who would reference Arrested Development in one of their musical numbers? Yup. You can't. Because Anna is one-of-a-kind.

Next time somebody asks you who your favorite Disney princess is, the answer is Anna. Anna is the best of them all and she wins at everything.

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