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We Trained Like WWE Superstars And Tbh I'm Still Sore

This is easily the craziest thing I've ever done.

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Every once in a while I hear someone drop that being a WWE Superstar "can't be that hard."


And after spending a week training like one, I can tell you that those people are STRAIGHT UP WRONG.

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Our week started by arriving at the WWE Performance Center and getting intro'd to our guiding light, Charlotte Flair.


We jumped head first into the physical conditioning aspect of being a WWE Superstar, working with Sean Hayes, the Strength and Conditioning Coach.


Next, we stepped into completely foreign territory... in-ring training. I don't know what we were expecting, but this was like stepping onto Mars.


Coaches Matt Bloom and Sara Amato taught us the foundations of WWE, from running the ropes to body slams.


P.S.: The ring and ropes are NOT soft or comfortable at all despite how easy the Superstars make it look.

We completed our training by working on our characters and getting our promos together. Eventually performing them for WWE's Charlotte Flair and Naomi, which was equal parts difficult and terrifying.


The experience was insane and caused us to break down both physical and mental walls. A huge thank you to WWE, NXT, and WWE Performance Center for teaching us the ropes and giving us a glimpse of what it takes to train like a WWE Superstar.

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