This Fabric Paint Video From 1990 Will Make Your Eyes Explode

Puffy paint sweatshirts were a rite of passage for crafty girls in the late 80’s & early 90’s. This promotional video from Tulip will make you long for an accordion paint bottle and matching sweatsuit ensemble.

The psychedelic editing and rad rainbow graphics will make you miss the simpler times of digital editing. Also, don’t miss the AMAZING dance moves, vintage scooter, and extremely catchy cheesy jingle. It truly is a feast for the senses!

In this video you’ll find…Totally tubular dancing feet

Footloose called, they want their opening credits back.

A Rad Pink Scooter

I totally had one of these in mint green! And hey, is that girl wearing a scarf or a dickie? I totally wore a dickie under my painted sweatshirts as a kid!

Bodacious Dancing

This gal is just as excited as Jessie Spano! Her dance moves are so hot!! She totally belongs in this classic Saved by the Bell Workout Video.


Actually, it’s the same lady sashaying around to the moving graphics. After seeing this, I started to think how much work it was to make all these projects in this video! That’s a lot of squeezing and brushing!

Children wearing Too Cool for School Sunglasses & Ill-Fitting Baseball caps

Whoever casted this video was very much seeking Full House lookalikes.

Squiggles, Dots, Hearts, and Stars in Pretty Pastels

You had me at SQUIGGLES! I think it’s time to bring these looks back. don’t you?

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