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5 Facebook Live DIYs You Have To Watch Right Now

Unicorns. Beyonce. Donuts. Need we say more?

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There's a lot more to Facebook Live than Chewbacca Mom. A lot of creatives and brands alike are making some entertaining videos and bringing their authenticity A-game to the process. Check out these cool finds I've rounded up. I think it will make you want to LIKE or check out the other videos from these super artful pages.

Unicorn Tie Dye T-shirt DIY from iLoveToCreate

Facebook: video.php / Via

If you love everything tie dye and unicorns, then Lauri of iLoveToCreate's channel (the maker of Tulip One-Step Dye) share how to make a super colorful tie dye tee with a hilarious end forward to the end to see why! Lauri's instructions are super clear and you will probably learn a tie dye trick or two in the process to make you wanna unleash your inner hippie. Plus, you get a behind-the-scenes peek of what it's like to work at a tie dye company.

Pendulum Painting from Buzzfeed DIY

Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedDIY

You can't exactly do a post on Facebook Live DIY Videos and not include Buzzfeed! Buzzfeed has been killin' it lately with lots of cool hand lettering videos and meditative videos that will satisfy your DIY sweet tooth - everything from knitting to paint mixing to friendship bracelet-making. These artful DIYs like this pendulum painting will leave you in a DIY daze.

DIY Barista Art with Michael Breach for Seventeen

Facebook: seventeen / Via Facebook: seventeen

This guy has some mad coffee art skills. Watch as he draws a Kimoji and portraits of Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Such talent!

Donut DIY canvas from Alexa Westerfield a.k.a. Swelldesigner

Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: swelldesigner

As the author of this post, I feel the need to share this donut DIY wall art that I made in my backyard using some puffy paints and a cardboard tube! It's always awesome when the hubs can make a cameo with his weird claw grabber too.

DIY Kool-Aid Dough from Quirky Momma

Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: QuirkyMomma

DIYer Quirky Momma is always up on her Facebook game, so it's no surprise her kid-friendly tutorials are a FB Live smash. This one gets bonus points for the adorable kiddo. He really brings this project to life!

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