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    39 Ways To Decorate A Glass Ornament

    It takes serious BALLS to make this easy holiday décor!

    4. Sparkle Collage Ornaments

    6. Yarn Ornaments

    7. Melted Snowman Ornaments

    8. Sequin Ornaments

    10. Pearl-filled Ornament

    12. Nail Polish Ornaments

    13. Santa Ornament

    14. I-Spy Ornament

    15. Photo Ornament

    16. Kid's Chalkboard Ornament

    17. Snow Glass Ornament

    20. Tinsel Ornaments

    22. Old CD Ornament

    29. Spun Glitter Ornaments

    32. Terrarium Ornaments

    35. Etched Holiday Ornaments

    36. Heart Marbled Ornament

    37. Seashell Ornament

    38. Simple Snowflake Ornament

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