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    27 Awesomely Cheap Ways To Transform A T-Shirt

    Fashion DIYer Anne Hollabaugh of the Wobisobi blog is a t-shirt hacking genius!

    1. T-shirt Draped Vest

    2. No-Sew Tie Dye Halter

    3. T-shirt Wrap Skirt

    4. Lattice-studded T-shirt

    5. Strapless No-sew Shirt

    6. Tie Waist T-shirt Dress

    7. Easy T-shirt Scarf

    8. Altered Chevron T-shirt

    9. T-shirt Shrug

    10. Skull Cut-out T-shirt

    11. Braided Racer back T-shirt

    12. Fishtail Sundress

    13. Off-the-shoulder Bow Shirt

    14. Open Back Strappy T-shirt

    15. Off-The-Shoulder Shirt DIY

    16. Off-The-Shoulder Ripped Heart Shirt

    17. Peep Shoulder Shirt With Chain Detail

    18. Strapless & Striped No-Sew Halter Tee

    19. No-Sew Criss-Cross Back Shirt

    20. Side-Tie T-shirt Revamp

    21. Back Braided T-shirt

    22. Easy Beach Coverup

    23. Ladder Back T-shirt

    24. Altered Tie Dye Shirt

    25. No-sew Jeweled Halter

    26. Easy Halter Tee

    27. T-shirt Zipper Skirt