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    25 FONTastic Typography Crafts

    Everyone loves a good quote or a pretty monogram. Learn how to accent your space with "character" on the cheap.

    1. Easy Sticker Paper Lantern

    2. Punched Tin Can Table Seating Numbers

    3. Typographic Quote Tote

    4. Junk Mail Art

    5. Upcycled Wall Number Art

    6. Typography Plate Art

    7. Typography Chair Redo

    8. Living Moss Letters

    9. "Home" Emrboidery Art

    10. Rock Garden Markers

    11. Monogrammed Pedestals

    12. DIY Marquee Letter

    13. Monogrammed Wine Cork Tray

    14. Wire-Wrapped Art

    15. Sharpie on Mason Jars

    16. Graphic Typography Wall Art

    17. Spelled-Out Pillows

    18. Typography Photo Frame

    19. Cut-Out Typography Rug

    20. Number Quilt

    21. Handwritten Wrapping Paper

    22. Monogrammed Mugs

    23. Wooden Letter Garland

    24. Large Typography Canvas

    25. Typography Headboard