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    25 Dia De Los Muertos Crafts To Die For

    No one does Day of the Dead DIY quite like Crafty Chica!

    1. Sugar Skull Pinatas

    2. Doodle Art Sugar Skulls

    3. Dia De Los Muertos Face Paint

    4. Faux Mexican Pastries

    5. Sugar Skull Art Apron

    6. Sugar Skull Candle Holders

    7. La Muerta iPad Case

    8. Shrines made from old records

    9. Shrines on a Stick

    10. Embossed Tin Prayer Candle

    11. Dollar Store Skull Shirt DIY

    12. Papel Picado Pumpkins

    13. Mexican Sugar Skulls

    14. Corpse Bride Costume

    15. Crafty Candlesticks

    16. Glittered Sugar Skull Tee

    17. Melted Plastic Picture Shrines

    18. Glass Jar Shrines

    19. Resin Sugar Skull Bracelet

    20. Dimensional Shrine Pendants

    21. Empanada Pin Cushions

    22. Corazon Heart Hootchie Glitter Shoes

    23. Ribbon Bracelet

    24. Wacky Rhinestone Day of the Dead Earrings

    25. Glittered Memory Ornaments