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21 DIY Vines That Will Make Your Crafty Day

Six seconds to creative mind = blown

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1. Decorate your Laptop with Washi Tape

2. Tie Dye Blacklight Canvas

3. How to Apply Henna Glitter Tattoo

4. Make a Ransom Note T-shirt DIY

5. Paper Tube Owl Pinata

6. How to Dip Dye

7. Crayon Ornaments DIY

8. DIY Milk + Food Coloring Experiment

9. Make Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses

10. Turn a Tank Top into a Pillow

11. Cat Stamping DIY

12. Cool Beaded Earrings

13. Selena Tape Art DIY

14. Monster Pencil Holder from Plastic Bottles

15. Glitter Galaxy Jars

16. DIY Flower Crown

17. Sunglass Earrings

18. Doodled Scarf

19. Easy Wall Photo Display

20. DIY Marbled Candle

21. Scrunch Dyed Jeans
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