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18 Sweet & Spooky Skull DIYs

No bones about it, these crafty projects will get under your skin.

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1. Skull and Crossbone Plates

2. Milk Jug Luminary

3. Angel Skull T-shirt Design

4. Lace Doily Pillow

5. Skull Wreath

6. Dripping Skull Candles

7. Giant Fabric Spray Skull Shirt

8. Skull Papel Picados from Tissue Paper

9. Rhinestone Skull

10. Sugar Skull Terra Cotta Planter

11. Altered Skull Sweatshirt

12. Day of the Dead Painted Toms

13. Skull Pinata

14. Skull Necklace

15. Scary Skull Door Knocker

16. Skull Window Decorations

17. Skull Charm Bracelet

18. Skull Earring DIY

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