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17 Sweet Watermelon DIYs

Slice up some serious summer fun with one of these seedy projects!

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1. Watermelon Welcome Rug

2. Dyed Watermelon Shorts

3. Watermelon Keg

4. Watermelon Bowl

5. Watermelon Manicure

6. Watermelon Pinata

7. Printable Watermelon Garland

8. Watermelon Cake Pops

9. Watermelon Fan

10. Crocheted Watermelon Coasters

11. Watermelon Vans Shoes

12. Watermelon Picnic Bucket

13. Watermelon Jello Shots from limes

14. Watermelon Pin Cushions

15. Watermelon Soaps


17. Felted Watermelon Earrings

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