15 Crafts That Will Haunt Your Dreams

These arts and crafts are seriously twisted. Scroll at your own risk.

1. Shrunken Applehead dolls

An apple a day won’t keep the nightmares away.

2. Flower jewelry made from hair

Hair jewelry began to “fall out” of fashion in the late 19th century. Glad our era bit that bullet!

3. Baby Doll Appendage Coat Rack

At least it doesn’t have eyes to stare back at you, right?

4. Time out dolls

I dare you to put baby in a corner…

5. Doll Wine Glass

Perfect for your next baby shower!

6. Knitted Ski Masks

What’s exactly going on here?

8. Teeth bangle bracelet

My what big teeth your bracelet has!

9. Head in a Jar

Leftovers are pretty scary.

10. Snake wreath

This wreath really hisses me off.

11. Clown wall art

Let the nightmares begin…

12. Homemade Chia Pet Head

This looks eerily like skin. Yikes.

14. Tampon Angel Ornament

At least it isn’t using red glitter.

15. Lacy Litter Box

The cat may not be afraid of it, but I sure am!

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