14 Signs You Might Be A Craft Hoarder

If a craft store and a yard sale had a love child, it would look like the inside of your house.

1. You visit the craft store every week to redeem your 40% off coupon

And you know it’s always on that big, expensive $49.99 item you would NEVER pay retail for!

Bonus points if you have the clerk scan your coupon on your smart phone.

Double bonus points if you print out another coupon and give it to another family member to redeem right behind you in line.

2. You buy clearance fabric like it’s going out of style, but you haven’t sewn or quilted since 1995

Admit it, your closet is filled with plastic JoAnn and Hancock Fabrics bags you haven’t opened in years!

3. You’d choose an estate sale over Disneyland any day!

I see dead people craft supplies.

4. Your magazine stash could fill up a bathroom (or does)

There’s no way you’d give these away…that would be hundreds of dollars of good ideas going down the drain!

5. A sign like this means you’ll be spending a minimum of $300 at the fabric store

There’s some things in life you just can’t pass up, especially toile decorating fabric!

6. You buy lots of plastic bins for organizing your pretty papers

Your paper, however, still remains in stacks on the floor or sprayed across your desk.

7. You can bathe in your yarn collection like this lady

Looks like she really DOES brake for every yarn shop. And is she naked???

Totally betting she has this bumper sticker too!

8. Your family and friends let you go through their donation boxes to see if there’s anything in there you might want to craft with or upcycle

You end up taking the whole box and it is still sitting in your living room. Did I mention you got the box 3 years ago?

9. You save every jar, can, lid, and bottle because you will need to craft with it someday!

Thank goodness you cyber-hoarded all those Mason Jar ideas on Pinterest!

10. You scan Craigslist and Ebay to score good deals on supplies

Purchasing a Cricut cutting system for $20 bucks with cartridges just gave you the greatest crafting high of your life!

11. You refuse to let go of paint that you’ve had since the 80’s.

Unclog that sucker with a pin and it’s as good as new!

12. You collect toilet paper tubes…

Anyone else feel icky about this one?

…Dryer lint…

Did you know you can make paper and clay from this stuff? Good thing you have three garbage bags full of it!

…and Cat Hair!

Because you care enough to only felt with the very best.

13. If you’ve every found yourself saying the following phrases…

14. If your friend is in need of an urgent craft supply, they come to your house before they go to the craft store.

After all, you have every craft supply known to man!

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