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    14 Crafts You Made Before They Were Cool

    If you and the glue gun were an item long before Pinterest got everyone hip to crafting, this one goes out to you.

    1. Friendship Bracelets


    Before friendship bracelets were stacked with beautiful bling...


    ...your arm was covered in a rainbow of macrame.

    2. Embellished Shirts


    Before Fashion DIYers were making chic sequin sweatshirts...

    Via recreated one of these puffy paint looks from a book that you begged your mom for at the craft store.

    3. Pom Pom Crafts

    Via Flickr: 82729110@N07

    Before everyone was stringing pom pom garlands in their space...

    Via were making googly eye critters from your grandma's yarn stash

    4. Nylon crafts


    Before everyone was embellishing their nylon tights...

    Via were cutting them up to make loom potholders at bible school.

    5. Seed Bead Necklaces


    Before pretty braided seed bead necklaces were a wardrobe must-have...

    Via were obsessed with making daisy chain chokers. Sigh, the '90s.

    6. String Art


    Before string art shared sweet typographic sentiments...

    Via were making these kinds of '70s epic masterpieces.

    7. Rugmaking / Via

    Before everyone was making a rug using t-shirts and a hula hoop...

    Via made one with fabric scraps in your elementary school art class.

    8. Perler Bead Crafts


    Before perler beads made awesome earbud accents...

    Via were making frames, boxes, and coasters trying not to burn yourself with the iron.

    9. Shoe Crafts


    Long before everyone was adding a funky touch to their TOMS shoes... were doodling on your toes during history class.

    10. Ripped T-shirts


    Before everyone was cutting up their shirt six ways to Sunday...

    Via were slashing your shirts just like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.

    11. Bows


    Before everyone was wearing bows everywhere but in their hair...

    Via were making giant hair bows from anything you could glue gun to a barrette.

    12. Paper Lanterns


    Before these lanterns were plastered all over every wedding you attended...

    Via were making the Chinese kind out of construction paper.

    13. Ornaments


    Before everyone started decorating the insides of ornaments...

    Via were making baubles from styrofoam, straight pins, ribbon, and sequins.

    14. DIY Denim


    And finally, long before you were distressing, bleaching, and cutting up your denim... were adding a funky touch to your boyfriend's blue jean jacket. Ahh, he was such a dreamboat wearing it!

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