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15 Reasons To Get Excited For The Return Of Kansas City Royals Baseball

The 2014 American League Champion KC Royals are Planet Earth's favorite baseball team. Correction: the Universe's favorite baseball team.

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1. Behold: The Royals on the cover of Sports Illustrated. / Via KC Royals Instagram

All star catcher Salvador Perez and All Star closer Greg Holland are just as excited as anybody to take back control of the universe in 2015!

2. These boys are always acting silly... / Via Salvador Perez on Instagram

Catcher Salvador Perez sneaking up behind 1st Baseman Eric Hosmer during an interview. The Royals are the most fun loving team in baseball.

3. This well known fan needs help and Royals fans are stepping up! / Via Yahoo Sports

Royals fanatic Jimmy Faseler gained worldwide fame in 2013 after this image of him dancing at Kauffman Stadium went viral. But more importantly, Jimmy is known for his selflessness and dedication to helping others. He works for Shelterwood Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for youth. On March 20th, 2015, Jimmy was shot and seriously injured during a robbery attempt at his home. His friends and family started a GoFundMe campaign to help Jimmy with his medical expenses. Royals fans from all over the world have already stepped up to help with Jimmy's recovery. But more is needed! You can donate here. #BounceBackJimmy


4. The Royals' biggest fan isn't even from Kansas City. / Via Cut4

Super fan Sung Woo Lee (from South Korea) had the time of his life in 2014 when visiting Kansas City for the first time. He attended several Royals games and even got to hoist the W after one dramatic win. His enthusiasm registered 7.0 on the crazy scale.

5. There's no better way to celebrate Royals fans than through this ridiculously goofy video!

View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

Grown men wearing cat singlets, giant blue wigs, zubaz, and spandex? These Royals fans have some 'unfinished business' to settle and they're gonna enjoy it. You probably will too.

7. They're a family! / Via Salvador Perez on Instagram

Moose, Esky, Salvy, Hoz, Dyson, Lo-Cain IN THE HOUSE.


8. The Cat Suit Guys will surely be back in action.

Twitter: @jstoner44 / Via Twitter

Royals fans have no shame. And the universe is better for it! These two cool cats rarely miss a game, and they're always sportin their purrfect form fitting singlets for good luck.

9. Alex Gordon = GOLDEN GLOVE / Via Vine

No description required.

11. Royals fans are everywhere and they are loud. / Via Vine

True blue tradition. All across the universe. USA...Korea...Tatooine?


14. These fans are family too! / Via Mark of the Buzz on Vine

Royals fans, players, coaches, and staff are all one big family. The best frickin family in the universe.

15. Kauffman Stadium is the most stunning venue in the Milky Way. / Via Jessica Bryan on Instagram

Summer nights under the lights in KC. 'Nuff said.

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