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    17 Brilliant Kitchen Products Under ₹1,000 With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

    Small price tags and big results.

    1. These washable and reusable kitchen wipes that are sustainable, create lesser waste and save you a lot of money in the long run - ₹199

    A collage showing the different uses of the wipes - wiping kitchen utensils, machines, and surfaces

    2. This set of 18 transparent kitchen storage containers in different sizes that make finding stuff in your pantry a piece of cake - ₹519

    3. These grill pan scrapers that are a blessing for people who hate having to soak their cast iron dishes for hours before cleaning them - ₹589

    4. This power kitchen cleaner so your counters, sinks, stove tops and cabinets look ✨sparkling✨ clean and smell like a citrusy orchard - ₹133

    5. These measuring cups that will make cooking easy if following a precise recipe is your worst nightmare - ₹199

    6. This magnetic fridge memo pad so you don’t miss out on any groceries and have to run to the grocery store again because you forgot to buy the eggs for tomorrow's breakfast - ₹199

    7. This high-speed blender with a convenient design to make smoothies and juices that you can drink right from the jar and save yourself the trouble of having extra dishes to clean - ₹2,295

    The blender jar filled with fruits

    8. These lint-free microfibre kitchen cloths don’t shed threads and leave your kitchen messier than when you first started cleaning it - ₹259 for a pack of 4

    9. These reusable fridge and drawer liners, that are super easy to clean, basically keep the kitchen clean for you with no extra effort from your end - ₹499

    10. This strainer so you don’t waste precious pasta or burn your fingers trying to strain your food. It can also double as a fruit bowl when not in use - ₹228

    11. This vegetable chopper, a favourite among BuzzFeed India readers, that has over 14,000 reviews and will ~cut~ your kitchen prep work in half - ₹189

    12. These transparent fridge organisers with airtight lids so you can keep your produce fresh for longer and easily see where everything is, without having to rummage through the fridge every time you’re trying to find something - ₹399

    13. This 16-piece revolving spice rack that can finally accommodate all your different masalas, and is also a great storage solution for smaller kitchens - ₹680

    14. This cleaning tool holder for your mops and brooms that will make your inner Monica Geller very happy - ₹445

    15. These bag sealing clips to keep your favourite snacks fresh even if you don’t finish them in one go and want to save some for later - ₹70 for a set of 18

    Plastic bags of fruit sealed with the clips

    16. This electric hand mixer with 7 different speed modes, so you don’t tire your arm trying out new baking experiments - ₹699

    17. And finally, this clip-on phone and tablet holder so you don’t strain your neck staring down at your phone or ruin your screen with your messy fingers while following a recipe - ₹599

    Woman sitting on a sofa and watching something on her iPad that’s attached to the stand