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    33 Products You Need If You Want To Jump On The Baking Bandwagon

    These will ‘bake’ you very happy.

    1. This OTG oven that’s a great choice for beginners who don’t have an oven at home, and want a practical and reliable one to start with - ₹3,999

    2. This electrical hand mixer with 7 speed control options that will take a huge load of your arms while mixing together dough, batter or frosting - ₹1,390

    3. And this set of 3 whisks that are perfect for whisking eggs and other ingredients that don’t require a lot of arm strength - ₹499

    4. This bench scraper that has two helpful uses - it can easily cut your dough into portions, and can also be used to smoothen frosting while decorating cakes - ₹249

    5. This flat serrated knife that makes cutting breads and cakes more even and precise, which really helps while making layered cakes - ₹499

    6. This set of 3 silicone spatulas in small, medium and large sizes that can be used for frosting, scraping batter and more - ₹399

    7. This 10” offset spatula used to decorate cakes and also to safely move cakes and pastries from one place to another without breaking or damaging them - ₹299

    8. This silicone rolling mat with clear markings that are super helpful for when you need precise measurements when making pies, pastries or pizzas - ₹499

    9. This set of measuring cups and spoons because getting the measurements exactly right is probably the most annoying part of baking and this makes the job so much easier - ₹299

    10. These reusable silicone baking sheets that are more eco-friendly than parchment paper, and will probably save you money in the long run - ₹839

    11. This digital scale that will be a lifesaver for all those times you’re trying to follow a recipe says something like “use exactly 154 grams of flour” - ₹799

    12. This set of adorable ramekins that can be used for making souffles, creme brûlée’s, and other single portion desserts - ₹3,549 for a set of 6 ramekins in assorted colours

    13. This egg shaped rotating kitchen timer so you don’t get distracted watching Netflix and accidentally burn your pastries in the oven - ₹520

    14. This pastry blender that makes mixing butter and shortening into your pastry super quick and easy - ₹699

    15. This oven mitten and pot holder set so you don’t burn your hands trying to get your cake out of the oven - ₹119

    16. Or these silicone heat resistant mittens that are much easier to clean and also have a magnetic holder so you can stick them on the fridge when not in use - ₹293

    17. This ice cream scooper that also doubles as a cookie dough scooper so that all your cookies are similar in size - ₹279

    18. This yolk separator because we’ve all been in that situation where we’ve had to waste a perfectly good egg just because the yolk broke - ₹189

    19. This aluminium muffin and cupcake tray with 6 slots that is super lightweight and has a nonstick surface - ₹335

    20. This set of 3 cake trays in small, medium and large with removable cake moulds that you can use separately, or go all out and make a fancy three-tier cake - ₹1,499

    21. These silicone reusable muffin and cupcake moulds because there’s no worse feeling than whipping up some delicious muffin batter only to realise you’re all out of moulds 😭😭 - ₹399 for a set of 6

    22. This apron because things can get real messy real fast when you’re mixing so many ingredients together in the kitchen - ₹289

    23. This sieve so that all your flour and other dry ingredients are properly aerated and have absolutely no lumps when you’re mixing them together - ₹299

    24. This silicone piping bag that’s reusable and so much better for the environment than plastic piping bags and will actually save you money in the long run - ₹235

    25. And these flower shaped icing nozzles so your cakes and pastries come out looking like they were made in a professional patisserie- ₹699

    26. This rolling pin that’s ideal for fondant, icing clay and even regular pastry or pizza dough - ₹300

    27. This butter flavoured cooking spray that spreads more evenly on the pastry moulds and tins and is less messy than buttering the pastry moulds with your hands - ₹352

    28. This grater that can be used to add lemon zest to your recipes for flavour, and chocolate flakes on your desserts as decoration - ₹99

    29. These mixing bowls so that you can lay out all your measured ingredients, ready to be mixed together. The bowls are made out of steel so you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping and breaking them - ₹305 for a set of 6

    30. This cake decorating turntable that will make frosting and layering your cake so much easier. Plus, having a cake turner makes you feel professional AF - ₹479

    31. This tart mould that can be used for desserts and also for quiches if you’re in the mood for something savoury - ₹499

    32. This cupcake corer so you can surprise your family or guests with a chocolate or jam filled cupcake - ₹2,038

    33. And finally, this engraved rolling pin so you can make beautiful cookies and biscuits that will put even the fanciest pastry shops to shame - ₹3,052

    You happy dancing in the kitchen after all your new products arrive -