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10 Incredible Indonesian Bands You Should Listen To

They might not be as well known as K-Pop's stars, but these Indonesian bands are worth checking out.

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1. Frau (Leilani Hermiasih) / Via

This amazing composer uses a digital piano to match her unforgettable vocals.

2. Neonomora (Ratih Suryahutamy) / Via

She mixes today's music with her 1930s, jazz-like voice, creating Indonesia's first folk rock sound.

3. Aurette and The Polska Seeking Carnival / Via

This is the type of music that'd be playing at a carnival somewhere in France, and it just makes you smile.

4. Answer Sheet / Via

They're a ukulele band (yes, a ukulele band) that met in high school. Enough said.

5. Glovves / Via

Glovves is taking R&B to the next level, with their whispery vocals, rhythmical beats, and cold guitar melodies.

6. Sigmun / Via

This psychedelic rock band was partially inspired by Sigmund Freud. Yeah.

7. Banda Neira / Via

Claiming "nelangsa-riang" as their genre, their innocently poetic lyrics are paired with folk-popish tunes.

8. Mr. Sonjaya / Via

Since 2009, they've covered everything from swing-jazz to ballads to blues in ways that creatively addressed Indonesia's political system.

9. Nada Fiksi / Via

Nada Fiksi's acoustic music is "comforting chaos", covering every emotion in a single song.

10. Dialog Dini Hari / Via

In layers of folk, blues, and ballad, Dialog Dini Hari poetically delivers their view of social reality, life, and love.

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