Guy Hurls Groundhog Corpse Into Local Bar

Just when we thought this week couldn’t get any more traumatic.

1. So apparently there’s this bar in Pennyslvania called Bill’s Bar.

According to Fox News, Bill told this one guy he couldn’t come in, on account of he was underage.

2. So what does the underage guy do?

He picks up a dead groundhog and a dead grouse.

A grouse looks basically like a chicken.

4. Except it has fluff in its nostrils. And sometimes all over its chest.

5. And then a groundhog is obviously a groundhog.

6. So Underage Pennsylvania Guy, instead of complaining to the managament at Bill’s Bar or maybe just sipping a Coors Light alone on his porch, decides to protest by throwing these two dead creatures into the tavern.

7. Are you SERIOUS, Underage Pennsylvania Guy?! You threw THAT thing into Bill’s Bar?!

8. Plus also THAT?! Except for it was a DEAD one?!

9. Ridiculous, says the grouse. This is just ridiculous. I’m not sure I feel safe in our nation anymore.

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