21 Dogs Living It Up At Their Birthday Parties

Just because you can’t eat chocolate doesn’t mean you can’t indulge.

Whose birthday is it again? Oh right… THIS GUY’S.

Dude, we were frat bros in ‘86. This joint bday rager is the best event since Greek Week!

Ay, dios mio. Just because I are small does not mean you may build me a small cake as well.

What the EFF, you guys. Seriously… who invited a fake poser dog to our birthday? Look at her… she’s SYNTHETIC. Like really? Really?!


This. Is. A joke. Firstly, I’m seven in dog years. Secondly, I cannot have “fun” when there’s a stuffed idiot smiling behind me.

Omigod I have never felt so loved in my life. Thank you SO much, you guys. I am SO blessed.

Honestly, we’re dudes, so the pink cake is kind of weird. But I get that we give off a feminine vibe. I get it.

OMIGOD OMIGOD it’s my birthday. Oh. My. GOD!!!!

Can’t. Stop. Eating. Cake. Will this make me look fat on Instagram?

They don’t even know my age? Does this mean I’m…. FROM THE POUND?! Omigod worst birthday ever.

What? I didn’t say I was gonna eat all of them.


Ohmigod I can’t even LOOK at that cup of calories. Take it away.

Yeah, I’m wearing three hats. Got a problem with three hats? It’s my party and I’ll wear three hats if I want to.

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