10 Things You Can Only Do If You’re Unemployed

They call it “funemployment” for a reason.

1. When you’re unemployed, you can watch Ellen. And Dr. Oz. And Dr. Phil. And re-runs of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Via Posh24

2. You can get the Pizza Hut Big Box delivered without the whole office thinking you’re a fat lard.

Via Yelp

3. You can have fun Instagram posts from days that are not called Saturday or Sunday.

Via flickr/ c_junxiong

4. You can nap from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

5. You can stalk the hot guy from high school who ended up being a plumber without feeling like you “should be working right now.”

Via NY Daily News

6. You can watch the street sweeper clean your street.

7. You can run outside without fear of kidnappers lurking in the after-work darkness.

8. You can keep the radio on all day and listen for the song to win.

Via Seattle Radio

9. You can watch small children be merrily reunited with their parents after preschool.

Via Disney Baby

10. You can spend five hours beating 40 levels on Candy Crush and realize that this is, in fact, an accomplishment.

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