Shelter Animals Skate With NC Roller Derby Team

The Blue Ridge Rollergirls recently teamed up with Asheville Humane Society and Animal Compassion Network for a photo shoot with adoptable animals hoping for a “forever home.”

In addition to a busy season full of bouts and tournaments, the Blue Ridge Rollergirls have dedicated much effort to serving the Asheville community. The Blue Ridge Rollergirls hope that the photos from the shoot will help all shelter animals find the families and loving homes that they deserve.

2. At first, the animals were a bit unsure about the rollergirls. This kitten hopes that Tricki Nikki has more treats than tricks.

3. But soon, the animals realized that off the track, rollergirls can be pretty sweet. Hazel finds Shadow of Beth especially delicious.

4. Little Alexander is happy to help Waggle do some kitten lifts to strengthen her biceps for tournament season.

5. Tessa believes that Little MerMadness is pretty fast. She’s thinking, “Hey! Can you get me outta here?”

6. The Professor really loves 9lb Hammer’s tights. He’s pretty certain that he has studied some of those kittehs before. He believes them to be pretty good at roller derby.

7. Speaking of cool pants, Xerses thinks that She Wrex is going to be a gold medal winner.

8. Ginger, who is a big “Game of Thrones” fan, is happy to see Drag’n SlayHer work her magic.

9. At the end of the day, the animals were quite pleased with the results of the photo shoot…except for The Professor, who needed to get back to his studies of the chemical compounds found in wet noms.

The beautiful animals featured in this post have been adopted. However, The Blue Ridge Rollergirls hope that you will head to your local shelter to find your new best friend!

Via She Wrex of big brown dog photography

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