8 Reasons Why Working From Home Is The Worst

I will Reply All to your face. WIth my fist.

1. You Still Have to Wake Up

No you don’t have to put on pants, but you still have to be conscious before noon. A definite negative.

2. No Free Snacks*

You have to BUY your own chips to eat nonstop throughout the day. How much does a bag of Cheetos cost in today’s free market? $4?

*Not applicable to Government jobs.

3. What if Law & Order: SVU isn’t on?

Do other shows come on during the daytime? I think not.

4. Your Roommate Might Be There

Did they die or are they really taking a 2 hour-long shower? As long as they pay rent, do I care?

Answer = No

5. Your WiFi crashes

How am I supposed to update my Sherlock Tumblr??

6. Cabin Fever starts to set in



7. People stop answering your emails

Whatever, I’ll order some pizza and make sure Lady Mary hasn’t died yet on Downton Abbey.

8. You Give Up

It’s inevitable.

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