• susieq4

      Sounds like people don’t understand that ordering and getting and paying for something is a legit sale…..period.If an item ordered wasn’t available then it should have been told so as a reply to you when ordered,SB is about coffee…the way you like it…..all the so called Barista’s that are knocking customers and stating they will serve(or have served decaf)deservedly should be fired;these aren’t your stores and it isn’t your product your selling,it belongs to a company that determines the way things are sold ,you are merely an employee,a representation of it and your conduct is a direct reflection of it,so wise up…stating that we are making it hard for your job is bs,when in fact your preformance is the cause of what makes or breaks a stores’s sales.
      Customer service means to serve what the customer orders, if the stores manager/s are not aware of certain orders then it is the responsibility if the employees to bring it up to those managers/owners…..not to reprimand the customers which only causes bad PR for the store….which leads to a decline in sales… NOT because your going through more milk.What everyone needs to realize that when setting a price all the cost of e v e r y t h i n g in that store is included in your cup of coffee,what determines the prices above the cost of regular coffee is the addition of flavors,additions,cream/milk etc.,and also when and where those items are obtained but more importantly your own salary…so if bad customer service prevails it will reflect in your sales and therefore your own salaries and jobs. Customer service is about serving people not trying to regulate the sales by attitudes.

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